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Delaying release of 1.08 August 30, 2011

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The next release will feature signature support. I am still making a decision if I should include the UI for changing signature into ForumConverter or keep it seperate. So far I have built a BuddyPress and WordPress UI for modifying signature. Also, I still need to separate the signature assets/images into a separate upload folder within WordPress but currently it uses phpBB folders.

[Edit] I originally said attachment support, I made a mistake and meant signature support.


ForumConverter 1.05 released August 10, 2011

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This release fixes a problem where some php installations may use the default or so low script execution timeout time that ForumConverter fails to complete. There also may have been problem with converting non inline type of attachments and this release addresses this problem.


The next release of ForumConverter will focus on avatar migration

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I will most likely add support for avatar migration in the next release. I am taking a needed break from ForumConverter right now.


Forgot to add support for signatures July 30, 2011

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I will find a way to put back forum signatures conversion in this plugin, either support using bbPress Signatures by _ck_ or writing an extension and added new usermeta.


ForumConverter 1.02 bugfix updates July 29, 2011

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This release fixes attachment collision names without any extra fancy scripts.


ForumConverter updated to 1.01

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This minor release of ForumConverter allows for migration of passwords. If you already converted your forum using 1.0 don’t bother upgrading. Maybe in future release I will implement a upgrade strategy for previous versions.


Showing off some software July 26, 2011

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You maybe wondering what software I created these days. You can get to know my recent project ForumConverter and my mobile app Tweetilicious. I just uploaded some screenshots of both of these projects for you to take a good look at these nice pieces of softwares.