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ForumConverter 1.11 Released September 28, 2011

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If you use the signatures plugin, please update immediately to this version. Bugfixes in this version are editing signatures on the current user and fix to allow it to work on bbpress 2.0 and several bbcode fixes.


1.10 update and a mention about bugs September 9, 2011

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This quick update fixes url attachment generation.

I don’t currently recommend ForumConverter for production until all the undiscovered major bugs have been squeezed out or your willing to settle for the results generated by this plugin which to me are decent. Unfortunately, I didn’t attach PHPUnit unit tests into this converter to help assist in correctness testing.

To me I consider it almost production ready. The only problem that I see is the bbcode where it it still outputing extra information generated by phpBB that may prevent bbcode lite to parse correctly. Also it may not even support custom bbcode cleaning at the time of this writing.

Also, I personally haven’t been using it production for my club’s website.


Another note about 1.09 September 8, 2011

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If you converted your forum to 1.08, there is no need to reconvert your forum. Only the ForumConverter-Signatures plugin was updated.


Minor fix 1.09

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If you upgraded to 1.08 it is safe to upgrade to 1.09. There was a problem of signatures not properly being displayed in IE8, found on Windows 7. For the curious, the trim() method doesn’t work for strings so I had to use jQuery’s trim() instead.


ForumConverter 1.08 Released September 7, 2011

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This release fixes numerous fixes and adds signature support and easy way to remove passwords off password protected converted forums. If you had problems where the conversion failed in the middle of the conversion process, you might want to try this one because it fixes missing users and orphan topics.


Delaying release of 1.08 August 30, 2011

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The next release will feature signature support. I am still making a decision if I should include the UI for changing signature into ForumConverter or keep it seperate. So far I have built a BuddyPress and WordPress UI for modifying signature. Also, I still need to separate the signature assets/images into a separate upload folder within WordPress but currently it uses phpBB folders.

[Edit] I originally said attachment support, I made a mistake and meant signature support.


ForumConverter 1.05 released August 10, 2011

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This release fixes a problem where some php installations may use the default or so low script execution timeout time that ForumConverter fails to complete. There also may have been problem with converting non inline type of attachments and this release addresses this problem.